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Article: The best strapless girdles for you!

faja strapless

The best strapless girdles for you!

Strapless girdles are not far behind in this new fashion trend that is strapless and came a few years ago to save millions of women from using straps that in some situations become uncomfortable.

But you may be wondering where this expression of “strapless” comes from, since it is a word of English origin that means Strap = strip and less = less. This word means that any garment that is strapless does not have straps. Curiously, this style of neckline is also known as “Word of honor”. A fashionista urban legend tells that a dressmaker made a dress without sleeves or straps to hold it and adjusted only to the woman's bust. When the client tried it on, she asked if it would fall off and leave her chest exposed, as it did not have a traditional way of holding. Then the dressmaker answered, “it won't fall off, I give you my word of honor,” hence her name.

Types of strapless girdles

Strapless bodysuit panty girdle

This style of girdle is totally invisible and safe, you can use it with any item of clothing you want and it will not lose its greatest attributes, which are to shape your waist, lift your buttocks, compress your abdomen and reduce your body measurements.

Short strapless girdle

The short girdle will work to shape your waist, lift your buttocks, but additionally, it will benefit your legs. Since the compression of this type of shapewear will extend to your legs, hiding all those annoying fat in the pelvic area. This girdle has central snaps that allow adjustments as you go down sizes, with this you can also keep track of your changes.

Waist or waist trainer girdles

Last but not least, waist trainers or waist trainers will undoubtedly be mostly strapless since they are focused on that area. A great advantage of these girdles is that they reduce your waist and shape it, highlighting your bust and hips. It is also important to add that with these girdles you can prevent or relieve chronic back pain due to poor posture, since it improves it significantly.

Benefits of strapless girdles:

  1. You will be able to wear a large number of garments: not having straps will allow you to show off different types of garments, which will be almost invisible when people approach since their system is imperceptible.

  2. You can use the bra of your choice: Since strapless girdles reach below your chest, you can use the bra of your choice and the girdle will not lose its usefulness. The upper part of the bodysuit will adhere to your body, preventing you from having setbacks.

  3. Comfort: Since these shapewear do not reach your chest, you will be able to feel more confident and perform all the natural movements of an ordinary day. The Shape Your Body Shapewear has an elastic system that will not allow the garments to move from where they should be.

Strapless girdles have arrived to save women from uncomfortable straps, becoming the ally for many looks that we love to wear. Don't hesitate to have that strapless girdle in your closet for special occasions or for your daily life.

Discover that by choosing the perfect girdle, you will enter a new world and find the motivation to make a style change to your life, since by combining a proper diet with a good exercise routine, you will see your results faster.

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