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Article: What are compression girdles?

¿Qué son las fajas de compresión?

What are compression girdles?

The world of girdles has many characteristics that are not complex to learn but that we want you to be clear about when choosing a girdle, since it is important to choose appropriately so that it properly meets the objectives you are looking for in it. Most girdles are compression girdles , whether high, medium or low, and we will explain that to you later.

Types of compression girdles

Shapewear usually has 3 levels of compression, each level has different benefits and adjusts to the person's different needs. So according to the information that we will give you, you are already prepared to choose the girdle that best suits you.

Low compression

These girdles are perfect for those people who are recently starting out in the world of girdles, as they provide comfort and security, and are also lighter. If you want to look radiant and with a shaped body every day, this is surely your best option. Because these girdles are light, they almost blend with your body and you will not feel any discomfort. You can also use it daily, with any type of garment or look, because this girdle will not be noticeable on top.

Medium compression

With this type of girdle you will not lose comfort, but you will get more compression on your body, which means that your body will look much slimmer and more shaped. These girdles can also be used daily and for those who go to the gym they are a must-have friend. It is ideal if you have moderate experience in using girdles.

High compression

Are you already a girdle expert? High compression girdles are ideal for people who wear girdles regularly. People with experience in high compression girdles use them daily as they enhance their curves and shape their body. They are also the ideal ally for a good gym routine. In addition to benefiting your shape, shapewear benefits your posture.

If you have just had a surgical procedure, this girdle is ideal for post-operative recovery due to all its benefits, as it helps the healing and inflammation process among other things.

Benefits of compression girdles

Depending on the occasion or the use of the girdle, it will have different benefits, since the use can be post-operative, post-partum or daily. Compression girdles generally provide the following benefits:

  • They shape your body naturally: by adhering to your body, what a girdle does is enhance the figure of your body or mold it according to its design. That is why it is ideal that your girdle is according to what you are looking for in it.

  • They help to correct posture: The compression that the girdles exert on your body allows your posture to improve and you also avoid health complications, since poor posture results in many complications such as respiratory, dorsal or lumbar, among others.
  • Reduce measurements: Accompanied by a balanced diet and a good exercise routine, your size will be reduced thanks to the constant use of the girdle, this benefits your physical and emotional health, since you feel better achieving your desired goals.
  • They contribute to your skin due to their natural ingredients in their fabrics: The fabrics of the girdles have natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and allows your immune system to always be strong.

When used post-operatively, you will also obtain benefits such as:

  • Holds the skin in place: if your extra fat was removed in your surgery, it is possible that the rest will remain in a state of sagging, the girdles keep your skin in the correct position, preserving the silhouette of your body.
  • Increase your level of comfort: due to the resentments that the body has when undergoing surgery, the recovery period is a somewhat difficult process, which is why girdles allow you to feel more comfortable while you are recovering and returning to work. activities of your daily life.

We hope that the topic of compression in girdles is useful so that you can choose the girdle that best suits your objectives. Entering the world of shapewear is very easy and will make you feel confident, comfortable and slim.

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