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Article: Use of girdles after tummy tuck

Uso de fajas para despues de tummy tuck

Use of girdles after tummy tuck

If you had or plan to have a tummy tuck, you should know, on the recommendation of your surgeon, that compression garments should be worn after the operation. So if you are looking for shapewear after tummy tuck , there are certain aspects that you should take into account for your recovery to be successful.

Let us remember that the tummy tuck is a surgical intervention in which the appearance of the abdomen is improved, correcting the skin, muscles or fat to give a molded appearance to said area and achieve a more harmonious figure. Depending on the area you want to operate on, there are several types of abdominoplasty or tummy tuck; We can mention the classic, the extended abdominoplasty, the mini abdominoplasty and the reverse.

Why should you wear a girdle?

Whatever type of tummy tuck you perform, it is essential to use post-operative abdominoplasty girdles , since these garments generate compression in the abdomen, avoiding inflammation, keeping the tissues in place and helping to heal the area better. intervened.

The use of girdles for abdominoplasty not only contributes to successful healing, it also prevents the appearance of bruises by ensuring that fluids are distributed correctly and circulation is adequate, since you must remain at rest for several weeks. Another advantage of tummy tuck shapewear is that they help the skin adhere to the muscle, preventing sagging and providing elasticity.

There are different types of compression, which you can find in our new collection of first stage and second stage recovery. Always remember to use the one suggested by your doctor.

Recommendations for the postoperative period

The success of a surgical procedure depends largely on postoperative care. Therefore, we will share with you certain recommendations that you should have with your shapewear after tummy tuck if you want a recovery without complications.

  • Choose the appropriate size and compression. Consult with your doctor what level of compression you will need at each stage of your recovery and purchase tummy tuck shapewear based on that. Keep in mind that you will need more compression the first few weeks, so it is a good idea to buy more than one girdle. Additionally, since you must use them daily, it is important that you can change them to maintain hygiene.
  • Wear your compression garment for as long as your surgeon tells you to. Although sometimes you want to feel your body free, it is necessary that you keep your girdle on during the recovery period, which can begin with 4 or 6 weeks in which you will even sleep with this garment. Afterwards, your doctor will recommend using it only a few hours a day.
  • Make sure that the girdles to recover from your tummy tuck surgery have an opening in the crotch to easily go to the bathroom, since you should not take them off for the first few weeks so that everything flows correctly and avoid bruising. To make going to the bathroom easier, use a urinary device .

Our tummy tuck shapewear

At Forma Tu Cuerpo we take into account aesthetic and health needs, that is why we have designed a line of post-operative abdominoplasty girdles , special to help you recover from tummy tuck or liposuction.

Post-surgical girdle

This medium compression post-surgical girdle has double reinforcement in the abdomen area to ensure the necessary post-operative pressure. However, it is made with soft lycra so you feel comfortable and cool. In addition, it has a perineal opening, so you can go to the bathroom without having to remove the girdle. You can support yourself with a urinary device so that you do not strain, since it is made of flexible material, ideal after surgeries.

Abdomen control girdle

Our abdomen control girdle is one of our best girdles for after tummy tuck , since it has double reinforcement in the abdominal area to give you the compression you need in your recovery. It also has natural elements in its fabrics that protect and hydrate your skin.

Likewise, it defines the waist, enhances the buttocks and has internal clasps; This means that it does not mark on your clothes and that you can continue using it to shape your body after the recovery time.

Postoperative foam

The postoperative foam is designed to be worn under the girdles after tummy tuck surgery, protecting your skin and offering you greater comfort, thanks to its soft, padded material.

Postoperative tables

The abdominal splint is perfect to complement your tummy tuck recovery, as it facilitates the reduction of inflammation in the abdominal area while shaping and supporting it, due to its firm and comfortable compression.

Now that you know why it is important to use girdles after an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck procedure, do not hesitate to wear our compression garments, which offer you the quality of Colombian girdles and the effectiveness of postoperative garments. Always remember to consult with your doctor to indicate the level of compression you need and the duration of use.

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