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Article: How to find Colombian girdles in the United States

fajas colombianas en estados unidos

How to find Colombian girdles in the United States

When it comes to reducing and shaping garments, it is no secret that Colombian girdles in the United States get all the recognition. Their quality and effectiveness have made them gain fame and positioning, to the point that we all know that the best girdles are the Colombian ones. At Forma Tu Cuerpo we love that you look and feel good, that is why we offer you garments made by Colombian hands and materials of the highest quality.

In addition to having a Colombian production that supports many women heads of families, our commitment to your well-being leads us to constantly improve Colombian slimming girdles , providing you with technology and quality in garments that fulfill what they promise.

Consider the design

There are as many girdles as there are desires to shape your body, which is why we have control garments for every need, always maintaining the quality that characterizes the best Colombian girdles.

1. Waist girdle

These top the best Colombian girdles , as they are among the most sought after for their benefits. Our waist trainers offer greater control in the abdomen, hiding extra fat and reducing centimeters from your waist, making it look smaller and giving you a molded and stylized figure with a Colombian waistband . These come in different colors and there are waistbands for different body types; There are also sports ones and for daily use

2. Short girdle

Our line of short shapewear is perfect for controlling the mid and lower abdomen while shaping your figure. A plus of these slimming garments is that they enhance your buttocks naturally, this way you will have a stylized body with the comfort of Colombian girdles in the United States that do not show on your clothes, as some are completely seamless.

Some of our invisible mid-leg shorts have a zipper and central snaps. We also have knee-length shorts that are perfect to wear with jeans, these come in black and beige.

3. Girdle with sleeves

Our girdles with sleeves are quite complete, since they allow you to shape more areas of your body. While reducing your waist at different levels of compression, they lift your butt and control the abdomen. In addition, they perfectly hide the fat on your back and arms, giving you a completely stylized appearance in seconds. You will have quality, comfort and a body to envy with the best Colombian girdles .

Defines its use

To find Colombian girdles in the United States, it is essential that you define what use you will give to your garment, since while some serve to shape or reduce measurements, others help burn calories or postoperative recoveries. Whatever use you choose, we have 100% Colombian girdles for every need.

1. For daily use

Our everyday shapewear is made with smart fabrics that give control in areas such as the abdomen, hips and waist, while highlighting and enhancing the bust and buttocks. Its materials and design make the use of our shapewear a comfortable experience, offering you comfort in Colombian fajas that do not show. These garments can be used all day and combined with different types of outfits.

2. Sports belt

If what you are looking for is a garment that helps you lose weight faster, our sports girdles are the perfect item. We have neoprene girdles and latex girdles that increase body temperature, making you burn more calories and reduce centimeters from your abdomen. In addition, our girdles give you support while you exercise, so you will avoid injuries and have better posture.

3. Postoperative girdle

For those coming out of plastic surgery, the use of a postoperative girdle is essential. At Forma Tu Cuerpo we think about every need, that is why we have special Colombian girdles in the United States to help in post-surgical recovery, with the degree of compression indicated by doctors and the quality and functionality of a Colombian garment.

Now that you know that with us you can get the best Colombian fajas , do not hesitate to show off a stylized figure with garments that are not noticeable on your clothes and that offer you total comfort. We ship nationwide or you can visit us in our physical stores . We currently have stores in Florida, Texas, Utah and California.

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