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Article: What shapewear to correct posture can I use?

fajas para corregir postura

What shapewear to correct posture can I use?

One of the lesser known benefits of wearing shapewear and leggings around the waist is that it can improve your posture while wearing them, women are delighted and excited about the way it improves their posture and the weight loss and body shaping benefits. If you are like most people, you may not be aware of how your attitude changes and how it can improve your health, confidence and happiness.

Why should you care about improving your posture?

You may have heard that good posture is very important. But in an age where many people are hunched over desks, leaning on cars, or carrying trays and other heavy, awkward items, it's no wonder many of us don't have good posture. And we assume the consequences. In the long run, poor posture can lead to chronic back pain that anyone who suffers from it can tell you, affects almost everything you do and reduces your quality of life.

Other side effects of poor posture include:

  • Reduced circulation: This can lead to spider veins. Bad mood and increased stress: yes, just because of the way you maintain your body! For example, the girdle with sleeves Ref. 0.024, can be of great help to correct these circulation problems.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: Nerves in the neck and upper back control the functions of the arms, wrists, and hands, so poor posture can negatively affect these areas.
  • Pressure on the joints: Not only does it put pressure on the spine, but the entire body can support a lot of weight for which it was not designed, which increases the likelihood of future injuries or arthritis, which is why a sports girdle Ref. S-002 , will help you support the weight of your body so that the spine does not suffer damage.
  • Decreased confidence and motivation: Just as poor posture can contribute to a bad mood, it can also cause you to have less confidence and less motivation.
  • Poor digestion: When you bend over, you are compressing your organs. This can cause constipation and metabolic problems.
  • Fatigue: Your body naturally wants to stay upright, so when you stay slouched, you are wasting a lot of energy because your body will fight it.

Although the negative effects of poor posture are overwhelming, the good news is that your condition is easily corrected and will benefit you immediately if, for example, you start using a waist trainer that can give you that posture correction you want while you are shaping your body, even in everyday moments like sitting in your work office every day, this is a perfect time to use it and see the results. Here are some ways to improve your posture that will improve your overall health and well-being:

  • Better mobility and more energy: When your spine is properly aligned, you will perform better than with any physical activity. With more efficient movements, you will notice a significant improvement in your energy levels.
  • Better breathing: Your lungs will feel less compressed with good posture. Breathing more deeply and fully means you can prevent and deal better with stress and anxiety.
  • Increased confidence: when you sit or stand, which affects how others see you and how you see yourself.
  • Less pain and better health: Of course, if you can improve your posture, you can reduce pressure on your spine and other joints and improve digestion.

If you are wondering what good posture looks like, this is what we advise you:

  • Chin parallel to the floor
  • Shoulder level (rotate your arms up, back and down to achieve this)
  • Neutral position of the spine (no curves or arches that emphasize the curvature of the lower back)
  • Hands at your sides, elbows straight and even.
  • Tight abs, including hips.
  • Knees straight and forward.
  • Body weight is distributed on both legs.

Good posture is a habit and it can be difficult to change what you do without thinking. However, there are several ways to incorporate good posture habits into your daily life.

Whatever posture and back support you choose to incorporate into your life, be sure to choose the clothing that best suits your size and shape combined with the best shapewear for the best results.

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