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Article: Why use Luxury Queen shapewear?

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Why use Luxury Queen shapewear?

When it comes to girdles, there are as many models as there are desires for a stylized body, and at Forma Tu Cuerpo we are inspired by their dream bodies. That's why we design girdles that make them look and feel beautiful, garments that fulfill our promise of highlighting their beauty while making their bodies look fit. This is how our most recent collection of luxury girdles was born.

This line of girdles is loaded with exclusivity and luxury to highlight your beauty and make you feel like a queen. One of the qualities of this collection is that some details, such as the sash brooches, are plated in 24k gold and accompanied by European crystals. In addition, the designs and materials will give you maximum comfort while shaping your body.

What body type are Luxury Queen shapewear for?

The new Luxury Queen shapewear collection is aimed at women with an hourglass body . The characteristics of this body type mean that the waist is very small and the hips are more pronounced, which can make it difficult to choose a size when buying a conventional girdle.

With the luxury shapewear from Forma Tu Cuerpo this problem does not exist, since these garments are designed by carefully combining one size for the waist and another for the hips. This is the result of listening to our clients with hourglass figures, with whom we also did many tests so that the size mixes were perfect.

Luxury Queen designs that will make you look more beautiful

As we mentioned, our Luxury Queen Hourglass collection combines the luxury of an exclusive and comfortable garment with gold-plated details, since they all come with a brand jewel. We divide these shapewear into three lines, so you can choose the one that best suits how you want to shape your body.

Luxury Queen Line

This line is designed for small waists, defining them more and making them look smaller while reducing fat. The Luxury Queen shapewear category is made up of girdles and waistbands that help shape the figure. The waistbands are covered in lace and 24k gold plated details.

Invisible Luxury Queen Line

The invisible line of the luxury girdles was designed with greater discretion and comfort in mind while shaping the body. Its fabrics, with a lot of comfort, have benefits such as lifting the buttocks in an invisible way. One of the shapewear in this category is the Luxury Queen invisible shorts , which, in addition to enhancing the buttocks, controls the lower abdomen and defines the hips. It does not mark on clothing and has three-level snaps to adjust the desired compression.

Luxury Queen BBL Line

The third line of our new collection of girdles to shape the waist and hips is the Luxury Queen BBL, designed for large hips and wide legs. These garments enhance the buttocks more and highlight the attributes of the hips while defining small waists. The girdle for wide hips is one of the creations of this line, which has special seams that highlight the hips and buttocks. It also puts pressure on the abdomen and waist to hide fat and give a stylized appearance.

These and all the hourglass body girdles from our Luxury Queen collection are made with the highest quality fibers and fresh, soft fabrics, exclusive to Forma Tu Cuerpo. In addition, the luxury brooches and hardware are ultra-resistant, made of stainless steel, to guarantee resistance, and plated in 24k gold, to give you a lot of luxury. Wear your compression garment today and highlight your figure to look impressive.

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