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Article: How do I know what size girdle I am? Steps to choose the right one

como saber que talla de faja soy

How do I know what size girdle I am? Steps to choose the right one

A girdle is a garment that for years has helped show off a molded and stylized figure, managing to instantly reduce measurements and a body with an hourglass silhouette. Although it has many benefits, many people make a mistake: not choosing the correct size, which can lead to bad experiences due to the discomfort it entails. Therefore, in this blog we will answer that question that you ask yourself before buying a girdle: how to know what size girdle I am .

But first, we must remind you that there is not just one body type, which is why you have to take your shape into account when choosing a girdle. There is the apple or round body, the rectangular one, the hourglass, the pear type, the triangle, rhombus or diamond and the inverted triangle.

body types

Steps to choose your girdle size

Shape Your Body girdles have three types of compression: low compression (not very tight), medium (tight) and high compression (very tight). Follow the following steps and you will stop wondering how to know what size I am in a girdle .

1. Identify your body shape

The shapes of the girdles are designed according to the body shapes that we mentioned above. Therefore, the first step is to identify your body type according to its characteristics.

2. Measure your waist

You will need a meter to determine your measurements. Once you have it, the first thing you will do is stand up straight, measure your waist and write down the result.

3. Measure your hip

The next step is to measure your hip size, you can do this in centimeters or inches. Do it with very tight clothing or underwear for greater precision.

4. Use the measurement table

Once you are clear about your measurements, locate them in our size chart, either by inches or centimeters. In this way, the task of how to know your girdle size will be very simple and you will be able to buy your compression garment without fear of wearing the wrong size that will hurt or make you uncomfortable.

measurement table

5. Keep your purpose in mind

As we told you above, our girdles have three levels of compression, which will cause the size to vary in each garment depending on the pressure you want. So, for your question of how to know what size girdle I am to be satisfactorily resolved, something that you cannot overlook is the purpose for which you will use a girdle.

For example, if it is a post-surgical belt , your doctor will be the one to tell you what level of compression you need. If you want to reduce measurements while exercising with a latex vest , medium compression is appropriate. If you want to regain your figure with a postpartum girdle , the compression can be low. You should also keep in mind that once you start wearing girdles, the compression you need will vary, since it will depend on how long you have been wearing the garment. The ideal is to change sizes every time you feel necessary so that you are comfortable.

In addition, your body type also influences, since depending on its shape, you will want to reduce certain areas and highlight others, so you must start from this data, your goal and your measurements to wear your ideal girdle.

Receive attention from our advisors

Now, if you want to resolve other concerns, such as the ideal compression for you or your body type, or the most convenient type of girdle for your purpose, our advisors will assist you through our WhatsApp. Locate the button at the bottom right and let us advise you on how to know your girdle size and how to wear the one that helps you look more beautiful according to your needs.

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