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Article: The best Colombian girdles in Miss Universe

Las mejores fajas colombianas en Miss Universo

The best Colombian girdles in Miss Universe

Hello girls! How are they?

As you already know, a new edition of Miss Universe is approaching, which will take place on December 13, 2021 in Israel, that is why I want to tell you which are the best sashes that you queens, if you are reading me, can wear during the contest.

Colombian girdles continue to dominate the market for this product in the world. The best Colombian fajas are made with the best technology and software, in addition to the best materials, among which we find powernet, which is a high compression fabric that easily adapts to the body, helping to reduce measurements instantly. This type of component is widely used in girdles for daily, post-surgical and postpartum use . For all this, the product is 100% certified. Now, let's see which are the best Colombian girdles in Miss Universe.

Andrea Meza was the winner of the 69th edition of Miss Universe that took place in May 2021. The Mexican was one of the queens who used our girdles and can testify to Colombian girdles: “I am a fan, I am a fan” she said Andrea Meza 5 months ago in a short interview with Forma Tu Cuerpo.

Colombian female beauty was also present at the event, the model, beauty queen, and brand ambassador Forma Tu Cuerpo Jeimmy Paola Vargas used the waist girdle and the full girdle from Forma Tu Cuerpo, as did the American Heather Lee O Keefe, Miss Florida 2019, spoke about the importance of wearing girdles frequently: “girdles help women feel more confident, they shouldn't feel ashamed of wearing them or anything like that.”

I tell you that for the queens who are going to participate in the Miss Universe, waist girdles are fashionable, since they help reduce the fat that forms in the back of the back, in addition to contributing to having a good waist and a good hip, shorts or vests are also in high demand by models and beauty queens, since they fit very well under the clothes they wear throughout the event, and thanks to the straps of the girdles they help to eliminate a few pounds the rest.

Forma Tu Cuerpo I want to tell you that by being an official sponsor of Miss Universe Colombia, in the last reign it gave away five million pesos in products for the winner, showing that we are committed to the well-being of women, that is why Xiomara Alfonso, Miss Guaviare 2020 emphasizes that the use of girdles does bring results: “All women should undoubtedly have a girdle as a fundamental item of clothing in our closet, from Shape Your Body of course, because they help us shape our body and give it a much better aesthetic appearance.”

Many queens comment on it, it is no longer something that has to be hidden, they were not born with the privileged body that many believe, that is why their recommendations include drinking a lot of water, exercising and adopting a good diet, and gratitude is not not only of us towards them for trusting us, but for example Miss Colombia 2020 Laura Olascuaga visited one of the Forma Tu Cuerpo headquarters last October and thanked the work of our work team “I know that many of You are mothers who are heads of households, who work every day to provide a living for your home, doing this with all the love in the world and I really want to congratulate you,” said Miss Colombia 2020.

I hope that knowing all these testimonials from celebrities, you are encouraged to take care of your body and look like a queen proudly wearing the shapewear that will change your life.

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