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Article: How to use a reducing waistband?

驴C贸mo usar cinturilla reductora?

How to use a reducing waistband?

Good good!

The other day I was walking with a friend in the park and one of the topics that came up, for a change, was that of girdles , yes, the one that I hardly know about, nor do I touch. She asked how to choose a girdle, to which I replied: it depends what you are looking for.

But for all of you, I tell you, there are two starting points in the world of shapewear. One of them is the typical woman who has just come out of surgery, or has just finished giving birth, and wants to recover her natural shape, and the other is where vanity and wanting to look beautiful prevail, just like that from one moment to the next.

The abdomen and waist reducer acts on your body, helping you sweat more while you are even just sitting at home watching television or in your office chair. Clearly, exercising would contribute much more due to the physical effort you are making. Waist-reducing girdles allow you to burn calories constantly, it is also what directly helps you have an hourglass figure.

The exercise waist girdle is an excellent complement, because as I mentioned before, even if you don't exercise the girdle is also working, it comes in various presentations such as the vest girdle, latex waistband and many others, all of these with neoprene material, too. known as polychloroprene, which I also told you was the first synthetic rubber created at an industrial level, which is why it is ideal for exercises.

The reducing and shaping waistband comes with various levels of compression to adjust to your waist, so they reduce your measurements in this area and stylize your body.

How to choose the reducing waist girdle?

We have to take into account our body type, as I told you, there are apple-type bodies, rectangular, hourglass, pear-shaped, inverted triangle and rhombus bodies. There are levels of compression that range from tight, tight and very tight, where the choice depends on the needs and objectives that women pursue. This type of girdles, for example, are not recommended for use after surgeries or medical interventions, since they will contrary to the idea of 鈥嬧媟ecovery.

How long should I wear a waist trainer?

The ideal, as I always tell you, is to start little by little, it is normal that at first we cannot stand the band, since we are subjecting our body to something unknown, so to start 3 hours a day is fine, at least for the first week. Don't sleep with your girdles on for anything in the world, sleeping is a process solely and exclusively for resting, even from our new garment.

Many people tell me, when I buy a waistband in my size and so on, it seems like at first it won't close, but I tell them in this blog that that feeling is normal. The idea is for them to pull the top part of the sash and close the first clasp at the top. Later they can lie down on the bed so that it is easier for them to close the other clasps.

Watch the process in this video:

They can wear a tight blouse and they will be able to verify that it does not show when wearing the reducing and shaping waist girdle.

The Shape Your Body girdles have six rods, two in the front, two on the sides and two at the back, the latter so that the waist begins to form, in addition to having an elastic on the lower edge of the girdle so that it does not ride up.

What disadvantages may exist if I use the waistband?

Some people are afraid of using a waist-reducing girdle because for many women the buttocks may stick out too much, which is why there are waistbands for hourglass-type bodies like the reference S006 which, thanks to its length and fit at the top, does not allow that the gluteus touches the belt.

I hope that with all this illustration you are encouraged to use your waist trainer and begin to enjoy the benefits of this garment that will change your life, but always remember to do a study about your body type, if it is an inverted triangle type, watch sand and so on.

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