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Article: Benefits of Colombian girdles


Benefits of Colombian girdles

Surely you have heard a lot about the famous Colombian slimming belts and their miraculous effects; However, there are many myths regarding what Colombian fajas can or cannot achieve. Therefore, today we clarify all the myths and truths regarding Colombian girdles and help you find the ideal one for your needs.


Reducing girdles help us shape and distribute body fat evenly and aesthetically, helping us define our waist and lift our buttocks.

In addition to helping you reduce measurements, girdles have other very important uses. There are Postpartum girdles, girdles for post-surgical use, waist trainers and girdles for daily use. Below, we explain a little more about each of these girdles.

Postpartum girdles

It is recommended that postpartum girdles cover the lower abdomen very well, especially the belly area, since it will seek to return to its initial position and the girdle will help us carry out this process successfully, preventing the skin from becoming with a lot of flaccidity.

Here are some suggested models:

Knee length sash with sleeves.


Mid-leg sash with sleeves.


Mid-leg girdle with straps


Post-surgical Girdles

Post-surgical girdles can be divided into 2 types: First and second stage girdles.

First stage girdles are necessary for the first 10 days after surgery; These are medium compression and help the patient feel more comfortable and safe while their wounds heal. Another of its purposes is to prevent wounds from coming into contact with materials or substances that could generate an unfavorable reaction in the wound.

Second stage girdles are high compression and are the ones that will help you obtain the best results from your surgery. Due to their high compression, these girdles will help your recovery be faster and your skin stick to the muscle. This strip must cover each of the areas where you were operated on.

Sports Girdles

Sports belts will basically help you raise your body temperature by making you sweat and burn more calories while you exercise. They are normally made of latex or neoprene. Most models come up to the waist and some also come with rods that help you correct your posture.

Daily use girdles

Shapewear for daily use is an excellent option when you want to reduce tights and make your clothes fit much better. These can help you lift your buttocks, better define your waist, correct posture or control excess fat in the abdomen and back.

There is a wide variety according to your needs and your clothing storage.

Here you can find some of the most popular ones.




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Me gusta mucho

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