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Article: 5 tips to avoid gaining weight at Christmas


5 tips to avoid gaining weight at Christmas

Christmas parties are always accompanied by delicious dishes and desserts that can be very difficult to resist. Excess calories during the Christmas holidays can cause the average person to gain two to three pounds during this season, which can be very worrying. However, today we will teach you how to take care of yourself so that this does not happen to you.

Wear your Girdle Shape Your Body.

In addition to helping you look incredible this Christmas season, your Forma Tu Body girdle is your best ally to continue showing off an incredible figure.

This is the case of the Colombian model and actress, national viceroy and international Miss Yeimy Paola Vargas @yeimypv , who shared on her Instagram account how the Forma Tu Cuerpo girdles and a good diet were key to taking care of her figure during the long days of filming. and the little time he had left to exercise.


Avoid sugary drinks

Resisting delicious Christmas foods may be really difficult, but you can start by leaving aside soft drinks, sodas or any other type of drink that contains a large amount of sugar.

If possible, if you only need to quench your thirst, choose to drink water. If you can swap other drinks for water during your meals, it will also be a great help to avoid exceeding your calorie intake.


Respect meal times

It is very common that during the Christmas holidays we go to bed late and get up late. This causes us to skip meals like breakfast, increase portions at lunch, or eat multiple snacks throughout the day.

Although maintaining these schedules can be very complicated, we advise you to try to maintain the 3 essential meals with small portions throughout the day. This will also help you avoid overeating.


Start the day with a good breakfast.

A good breakfast is key to maintaining a healthy diet. Eating well in the morning will prevent cravings and the desire to eat more at other times of the day.


Daily exercise.

Exercising daily will help you burn those extra calories you are consuming. Small activities like getting off a few meters before the bus and walking home can be very effective.

Performing cardiovascular activity in the morning can also be a great help to burn those extra calories. At Forma Tu Cuerpo you can also find our thermal reducing gel, which will help you burn calories while you carry out your daily activities or play sports.

We hope you can enjoy these Christmas holidays with those you love most, and show off an incredible figure with Forma Tu Cuerpo.

Forma Tu Cuerpo wishes you a Merry Christmas.

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