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Article: How to use my girdle in shorts?

驴C贸mo utilizar mi faja en short?

How to use my girdle in shorts?

Summer is a spectacular time to show off a girdle in shorts and be able to wear all those short clothes that make us be fashionable and look beautiful whether on the beach, pool or in a center or shopping place.

One of the main functions of Colombian girdles is to help the skin adapt to our figure and we can wear slim garments all the time. The short girdle is one of them and one of the most used when looking for outfits for the summer, a perfect night or simply going to the office with an excellent outfit.

These types of girdles compress your belly as if by magic and the best of all is that you can wear any type of clothing item, because no one will notice that you are wearing it.

The immediate benefits are also evident, since everyone will turn to look at you and no one will know that you are wearing a short shapewear , with your shorts, skirts or dresses.

Type of shapewear in shorts to wear

A short girdle is a garment similar to a suit that covers half of your body and helps you have greater control over yourself. It is a garment with which you can obtain a stylized figure that shapes the legs and buttocks.

Among the advantages of this type of garment is the elimination of stomach fat with the high-waisted short girdle , the lifting of the buttocks and the definition of the lines of your body.

Among the notable areas that can help you reduce are the belly, waist, hips and thighs. Here we present some characteristics of short shapewear :

  • Snaps and zippers open easily.
  • Removable straps.
  • Great compression capacity.
  • Buttock enhancement.
  • Belly reduction.

If you want to wear a short girdle for a next occasion, here we present the most used ones on the Colombian girdle market:

  1. Buttock and hip shapers : These types of girdles are designed to go up to the torso and cover the hips, so they are responsible for shaping the lower region of the abdomen. There is the short Colombian girdle, which reaches up to the rib cage and comes with adjustable clips that can be attached to your bra, allowing for a better fit and providing firmness. Our compression materials are quite strong, allowing for greater strength in the areas you want to lose weight, such as the stomach and thighs, while lifting and accentuating other areas such as the buttocks, with special cuts and seams.
  2. Seamless girdle shorts : These garments give women the support they need, while hiding the lines of your pantyhose and offering comfort and support without those annoying lines that appear on your clothes. The seamless faja short is designed in a material to feel like a second skin and includes localized compression for certain areas you want to smooth and zero compression for the curves you want to accentuate.
  3. Compression shorts : This type of high-waisted short girdle gives a more stylized shape to the body and shapes the abdomen, waist and rib cage area. They are carefully designed to offer a stylized appearance and go up to the buttocks to also shape this area of 鈥嬧媡he body. Likewise, they provide greater comfort and breathability because they are designed with a single-layer fabric that compresses the thigh region.
  4. Short butt lifter girdle : This type of short girdle fits at the waist and covers the abdomen and hips, while surrounding the upper part of the thighs, to provide a sexy and sensual look and a defined figure. The short girdle lifts your butt, shapes your abdomen, hides cellulite and lifts your buttocks so you can put on those short dresses or show off fashionable pants.

Don't forget to wear this type of shapewear in shorts with your favorite clothes because they are designed to look with any garment, so that your buttocks look fabulous with a pair of jeans or your party or summer dresses.

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