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Article: Know the 3 most frequent mistakes when using Colombian girdles

Conoce los 3 errores más frecuentes al usar fajas colombianas

Know the 3 most frequent mistakes when using Colombian girdles

Have you ever hesitated to buy a girdle because you don't think you fit into it? Or have you avoided wearing it because after a while it doesn't fit like before? Well, these are some of the mistakes when using Colombian girdles that are presented with more frequently in those women who did not follow the experts' recommendations when purchasing them in the physical store or virtually.

This and many other questions arise in our heads, just at the moment when we are going to use the girdle, when we are going to put on a special dress, to compress last-minute accumulated "rolls" and stylize the figure. But it is here when we must remember that there are several types of Colombian girdles , one of the most recommended for a special night is the dress girdle , which has become very popular for its way of shaping the figure, so that you look fabulous in a day that perhaps you had been waiting for.

The first thing we must remember is the prior advice that we received at the time we acquired the original Colombian girdles , since they are the ones who scanned your body and according to your needs, they advised you on the success of your size and type of girdle to suit. . Therefore, the most important recommendation is that when choosing it, you take the size into account because when purchasing a smaller one than you need, it would put too much pressure on the body and later you could have problems using it if you gain a few kilos. the rest.

Wearing a girdle that adapts to your body will prevent complications when breathing, eating, muscle pain and discomfort on those special days when we want to show off perfect curves, abdomen and butt.

3 mistakes when using Colombian girdles

Self-confidence, and having chosen an appropriate size of our girdle, will avoid complications and help us show it off in the best way, once we learn to prevent those frequent mistakes that you make when it comes to putting on the Colombian girdle .

1.Do not accommodate the seams of the girdle on the inside of the thighs:

The success of the girdle posture lies in knowing how to arrange the seams that are in the crotch from the beginning, placing them in such a way that they are aligned with each other, that is, in the same way that we adjust our pants. Not doing it this way generates the most common mistake that many women make and that later makes them think that the girdle they purchased is in a size that does not correspond to the real one.

2.Insufficient or no stretch of the girdle:

Once we have the girdle on and we adjust the straps, we must stretch the fabric to fasten it in the best way, taking into account that it works by Elastocompression, which is the force applied by the pantyhose or orthosis compressing the leg, decreasing upwards, thus promoting the pumping effect and helping blood and lymphatic circulation.

Therefore, we must stretch the fabric to its maximum capacity to be able to fasten it, in order to avoid the nullity of the belt.

3. Poor accommodation of the straps and shoulders of the girdle

This is a very important point and a very common mistake that women and men make when adjusting the straps of the Colombian girdle, since not adjusting them causes discomfort and lack of elasticity. Therefore, the recommendation is to loosen the straps whenever we consider it, so that the sash remains stretched and does not form folds.

Tips you should know to avoid making mistakes when using a girdle

Wearing a girdle is the secret of many girls, who wear super fitted dresses and who want to have slim bodies to show off on the street. Colombian shaping girdles help you outline your figure and can certainly give your silhouette that beautiful enhancement like that of a movie actress. So here, we want to give you some recommendations so that its use is a good experience and allows you to recommend that self-esteem that is sometimes extinguished by having extra kilos:

· Not having patience

One of the most common mistakes women make when using a Colombian girdle is not having patience. Why? It is important to be in a calm and appropriate environment, that is fresh where you can feel comfortable and without interruptions. This is a moment of concentration to achieve success in the posture as we become experts every day and the girdle becomes our second skin, keeping in mind that you must know that the seams must be placed where they are supposed to be so that the girdle doesn't get in and you end up showing it. So don't forget to be very patient to be able to show off the slim body you want!

· Don't use it on a date

If you know that you can have an intimate moment during that long-awaited night, do not use girdles that may have complications when removing them. I recommend using the Booty Shaper Short High Waist, which has a zipper and can be easily removed.

Colombian girdles can be like a gift from heaven when it comes to having a special event and showing off your silhouette impeccably. So don't forget that if you have a date or a night where you don't want to go unnoticed, you should use our

sashes for dresses , which are ideal for immediately enhancing your appearance on any occasion.

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