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Article: Tips to take care of your double chin surgery

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Tips to take care of your double chin surgery

The double chin is an area that can appear aged or overweight, even when the person is thin, since it is a fat that appears under the jaw and affects the aesthetics of the face. Although diet and physical activity help eliminate fat in many areas of the body, double chins are not something that will go away with an exercise routine. For this reason, people who want to get rid of it choose to have double chin surgery to reduce it and give it a slim, smooth and refined appearance, from the chin to the neck.

What does double chin liposuction consist of?

Double chin liposuction , also called cervical contour surgery, is a surgical procedure that removes the fat between the jaw and the neck, in order to improve its appearance, eliminate wrinkles and reduce the thickness of the neck. Additionally, the surgery gives more definition to the jawline, so the face will look slimmer and more youthful. To do this, local anesthesia is applied and two incisions are made; Then liposuction cannulas are introduced and the fat is extracted from the area, proceeding with suturing.

Recommendations for after your surgery

It is worth pointing out that before undergoing this procedure you verify that the person in charge is an expert, that they have the necessary medical certificates and that the place is suitable and recognized.

Although recovery from double chin surgery is quite quick, compared to other aesthetic procedures, it requires special care. That is why in this blog we will tell you what you should do after your operation so that you recover successfully and obtain the expected results. The first thing is that you follow all your doctor's instructions. The first hours after the operation, you will remain in the clinic for medical observation, but upon arriving home you must take the following care:

1. Discipline with the use of a girdle

Once your double chin operation is finished, you will be put on some gauze and a girdle to generate compression. It is essential that you keep your chin strap or face strap on for at least 20 hours a day for the first five days; For the next fifteen days, use it at night, or as instructed by your surgeon.

2. Eat soft foods

Another care that you should take the first two or three days is to only consume soft foods, so that you do not force your jaw too much by chewing.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

It is essential that you do not expose yourself to the sun during the first month of recovery so that the inflammation disappears faster.

4. Keep rest

The first three or five days after your double chin liposuction you should rest; Stay at home and do not make physical efforts. After that, you can resume your work activities, as long as they do not involve moving your face a lot or lifting weight.

5. Take care of your sleeping posture

When you are awake, try not to lie down, since that position does not favor recovery. When you go to sleep, do so with high pillows so that you rest with your head somewhat elevated, at least the first week after double chin surgery .

6. Do not consume toxic substances

Another important recommendation for your double chin surgery recovery is to stop smoking or consuming alcohol, as this could affect circulation and the healing process.

7. Take care of the water temperature when showering

Likewise, it is key that you take care of the water temperature when bathing. Make sure it is warm or cold, but never hot, because the operated area can become more inflamed.

Remember that the successful results of double chin surgery do not depend only on the work of the surgeon, but also on the care you take during the recovery time. Keep these recommendations and those made by your doctor in mind and you will have a more defined face, with a fresh and youthful-looking neck.

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