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Article: This is how push up jeans work

jeans push up

This is how push up jeans work

Clothing, in addition to covering the need for clothing, fulfills an aesthetic function, since it can make us look more attractive, with a certain style and highlight or improve the appearance of our physical attributes. Among the most loved garments for their versatility and usefulness, we cannot overlook push-up jeans , famous for enhancing the buttocks and making them look fuller.

Benefits of push up jeans

Lifting the butt and giving it a larger appearance are not the only contributions of butt lifter jeans , which are the result of combining technology with fashion. These garments have the following benefits that make female bodies look more beautiful:

1. They give shape without using filler

A great quality of Colombian butt lift jeans is that they give you perfect buttocks, since they naturally enhance your buttocks, thanks to their designs and fabrics, giving a rounder and larger appearance without the need to use fillers.

2. They are comfortable

Another great advantage that butt lifters have is the comfort they provide when wearing them. So in addition to showing off beautiful buttocks, you will be comfortable in this garment so that you can wear it any day.

3. They give you many styles

A benefit that we cannot overlook is the versatility that push up jeans have. You can combine them with other clothing and accessories to achieve a look that fits your style, from casual and cool to elegant and modern. You add a touch of style!

4. They shape your body

The Colombian butt-lifting jeans from Forma Tu Cuerpo have a benefit that not just any pants bring: they are girdle-type, that is, they offer the benefits of a compression garment due to the technology with which they are made. Our jeans offer waist control to make you show off a slim figure while highlighting your booty. In addition, they stylize your legs, making them look firmer and more molded, giving you freshness and comfort.

What is the secret of butt-lifting pants?

You are probably wondering how pants can lift the buttocks, how push-up jeans work if they do not have underwire or padding, like bras that give this effect to the breasts. Well, although there are several technologies and innovations in each garment, broadly speaking, there are three characteristics that make these jeans ideal garments for enhancing butts on different bodies.

1. The shape of the back seam

jean lifts tail

Every butt lifter jean has a heart-shaped seam on the back. It is this cut that helps contour the buttocks, giving them a round and voluminous appearance. That is why it is essential that these jeans have said seam in that area.

2. His high shot

Colombian push up jeans

The high waistband is also key for Colombian push-up jeans , since they adjust the lower abdomen to highlight the buttocks more, thus providing greater comfort and a better figure.

3. The three clamps

butt lifter pants

The third, equally important and distinctive feature of butt-lifting pants is that they have three darts on each side under the heart-shaped seam. The clips collect the fabric in that area to provide the desired enhancement and achieve greater volume in the buttocks. Likewise, they help define the derrier, which gives the appearance of a large tail and a more stylized silhouette.

Now that you know the benefits and secrets of push up jeans, don't hesitate to wear one to look more beautiful. In our line of

Colombian butt lift jeans you find a variety of designs and colors so you can wear the one you like the most. Remember that our pants bring the benefits of a control garment so that you can show off a stylized figure and shape various areas of your body. To complement these benefits, you can combine your jeans with one of our tummy control girdles . Don't wait any longer to show off the body you want!

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