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Article: Latest trends in post-surgical girdles in the United States


Latest trends in post-surgical girdles in the United States

If you have considered undergoing surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, you may have heard of post-surgical girdles . These garments, which fit tightly around the body, are vital in the recovery of many patients.

Post-surgical girdles are not a new topic in the health and aesthetics sector, but they have evolved significantly over the years. In the United States, demand for these girdles has grown, and with it, trends have emerged that reflect the desire to combine functionality with comfort and design to improve the patient experience. Let's see in this blog what are the main developments that are marking this area.

1. Softness and technology

One of the most common complaints about traditional shapewear is that they can be hot and poorly breathable. Fortunately, advances in textile technology are giving way to softer, lighter and more airy materials, allowing the skin to breathe while maintaining the necessary compression. This not only improves comfort, but also reduces the risk of irritations and other skin problems. In addition, our girdles now come with microcapsules that, upon contact with the skin, help with recovery.

2. Versatile designs

Nowadays, surgical girdles are not only functional items, but also aesthetic ones. In response to the demand for more stylized options, at Forma Tu Cuerpo we have created the best post-surgical Colombian girdles , elegant and versatile designs that can be worn under a variety of garments without being detected. This is especially useful for those who want to return to their daily activities without anyone noticing that they are wearing a belt. We have a girdle for each type of surgery, since each procedure has different requirements and we have specialized in each of them.

3. Shapewear with infused natural ingredients

In an interesting combination between fashion and medicine, our post-surgical girdles , in addition to being made from exclusive, high-quality fabrics, now come infused with natural ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, cosmacol, seaweed and vitamin E. These not only They provide benefits for the skin, such as hydration and healing, but also offer a more pleasant experience when wearing the girdle.

4. Adaptability for different procedures

Not all surgeries require the same type of compression garment. Fortunately, the industry has recognized this and in addition to the post-surgical abdominal girdle, it has developed specialized girdles for different procedures: liposuction, abdominoplasty, mammoplasty, among others. This ensures that the patient receives the type of support and compression they need specifically for their procedure and recovery.

5. Ease of going to the bathroom

One of the most common concerns among those who wear post-surgical girdles is the difficulty they have when going to the bathroom, especially when they must be worn for long periods of time. Responding to this need, at Forma Tu Cuerpo we have designed girdles with a perineal opening.

This ingenious feature allows users to go to the bathroom without having to remove the entire belt, offering an ideal combination of functionality, hygiene and comfort. Not only does it simplify your daily routine, but it also reduces the risk of the belt stretching or wearing out due to constant handling. Additionally, this opening can be complemented with the use of a urinary device to make going to the bathroom more comfortable.

6. Shaping function

Surgical girdles have transcended their initial purpose, evolving into designs that shape the figure. Many models now offer silhouette definition, allowing their users to continue wearing them beyond the recovery period. This versatility makes these girdles a long-term investment, enhancing and maintaining the desired aesthetic results.

Innovation and adaptability are evident in the current trends we see in post-surgical girdles in the United States, and at Forma Tu Cuerpo we are committed to offering the best Colombian post-surgical girdles for each type of procedure. Whether you are considering surgery or are simply interested in the world of health and beauty, it is undeniable that post-surgical girdles play a crucial role in the recovery and well-being of many patients.

With us you can find the girdle that adapts to your doctor's recommendations to obtain the best results in your postoperative period. Remember that the girdle is a very helpful accessory, but that much of the success will depend on carefully following the health professional's instructions.

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