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Article: 5 tips to avoid marking your underwear

tips para que no se marque la ropa interior

5 tips to avoid marking your underwear

Underwear is part of our daily life, as it provides us with protection and support, but sometimes it can ruin our outfit when it shows on our wardrobe. This can attract looks that are quite uncomfortable and give us an unpleasant moment. Therefore, in this blog we will share with you several tips to prevent marks on your underwear that will help you a lot so that these clothes stop being your enemies.

1. Look at the size

That pantyhose or bras steal the attention due to their notoriety is a problem that happens to many. To stop this from happening to you, the first tip we have on how to prevent your underwear from marking is to choose the right size when buying underwear or bras. Make sure they are not too tight or too wide, as both drawbacks will be noticeable; the first, with the garment embedded in the back or buttocks, and the second due to the wrinkles or lumps that will be marked on your clothes. Make sure you choose the correct size and this will reduce the chances of it being noticed.

2. Lean towards invisible garments

The textile industry has designed a solution so that you do not suffer from brands and can wear the outfit you want without problems: invisible underwear , which due to their fabrics and seams are not noticeable on the clothes. You can wear the invisible butt lift shorts , which combine with any garment without worrying about it being marked, thanks to its invisible materials and seams. The advantage of this is that it enhances your buttocks and shapes your figure.

You can also use an invisible girdle , which is much more complete, because in addition to the previous benefits, it defines your waist to make it look smaller while controlling the abdomen and giving you comfort and confidence.

3. Neutral colors will save you

Sometimes it is not the texture of the underwear that is noticeable, but its colors. Make sure you have neutral-colored underwear in your closet, such as black and beige, so that you can wear them with the peace of mind that they will not stand out from your wardrobe, which would happen, for example, if you wear light-colored pants with printed tights. .

4. Look at the type of fabric

Another tip to avoid marking your underwear is to pay attention to the type of fabric in your wardrobe. When buying clothes, try to ensure that the fabrics are not so thin, opt for thicker ones, especially in leggings, skirts or pants, as this reduces the risk of marking the garment you are wearing underneath.

5. Avoid translucent clothing

There are clothes that definitely highlight underwear , as is the case with translucent garments. To do this, the best way to prevent them from marking is not to opt for wardrobes made of these fabrics that do or do reveal what you are wearing underneath. Choose another type of clothing and avoid complications.

Apply these tips so that your underwear does not show marks when buying or dressing and not only will you feel more comfortable, since your underwear will not steal the attention, but you will also make your outfits fit much better. Remember that you can complement them with a Colombian shaping girdle to reduce measurements and shape your body.

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