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Article: What does a girdle do to your body?

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What does a girdle do to your body?

One of the methods that many people resort to to improve their physical appearance is the use of a girdle, a garment that for centuries has been used to shape the body. In this blog we will tell you what a girdle does and the benefits it can offer you, beyond the aesthetic effect. So if you want to start wearing compression garments, you have the necessary information about what a girdle can do for you. So if you are wondering what the girdle does to the body , this article is for you.

1. Provide support and correct posture

One of the main advantages of using a girdle is that you get additional support for your spine and lower back. Wearing a belt for exercise will help you maintain proper posture, relieve pressure on your back, and reduce the risk of injury and pain. Keep in mind that the longer you use the belt, the more your body will get used to it and you will obtain better results, both when training and correcting your posture.

2. Compression and reduction of measurements

Another thing that a girdle does is help reduce measurements. Since these types of garments are designed to exert a certain pressure on the body, they contribute to the compression of tissues and the reduction of measurements. If a girdle is worn frequently and combined with exercise and a balanced diet, it is possible to gradually shape the figure and achieve a slimmer appearance. Remember that although the girdle gives you an instant shaping effect, to obtain definitive results it must be complemented with healthy habits.

3. Increase self-esteem and confidence

In addition to improving physical appearance, something that shapewear does is cause an increase in confidence and self-esteem. A girdle can have a positive psychological effect on those who wear it, as it provides a feeling of security and improves the perception of one's own body image. By highlighting your attributes and hiding small imperfections, you will feel more comfortable and empowered in any situation. You can wear the outfits you want and look fabulous on any occasion.

4. Support in postoperative recovery

You may have heard that it is recommended to wear girdles after surgery. If so, you may wonder what a girdle does for an operated person. These garments are essential in recovery after plastic or aesthetic surgery. Shapewear for liposuction , abdominoplasty, BBL, among other procedures, provides additional abdominal support, which helps reduce inflammation, improve circulation and accelerate the healing process. It is important to follow medical recommendations to choose the appropriate girdle, with the compression required by said surgery, in addition to using it in a safe and hygienic manner.

5. Relieve during pregnancy and postpartum

Have you ever wondered what a girdle does for pregnant women? There are girdles for every need. A maternal girdle is a useful tool for pregnant mothers. During pregnancy, the weight of the baby often causes lower back and pelvic pain. This girdle offers additional support to the abdomen to relieve pain and help maintain correct posture. It is important that the girdle is specially designed for pregnancy, because if a shaping or reducing girdle is used, complications may occur.

After having the baby, postpartum girdles are ideal for readjusting abdominal muscles, reducing swelling, reducing sagging, and helping new mothers feel more comfortable and confident. However, you should consult with your doctor on how many days after postpartum you can start using the girdle.

Now that you know what a girdle does for your body, according to its design and your needs, you can choose the one that suits what you want; from body shaping and improving posture to recovering from surgery or childbirth. In Shape Your Body we have

Colombian girdles for every need. Remember that these clothes can be a useful tool to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your body.

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