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Article: What are guitar body straps and zipper straps for?

fajas cuerpo de guitarra

What are guitar body straps and zipper straps for?

Girdles are popular and commonly used garments due to the multiple benefits they offer. There are many designs and for different purposes, such as shaping the body, reducing measurements, complementing exercise or helping in a postoperative process, to name a few. Since there are a variety of these garments, you may be wondering what the purpose of guitar body girdles and zipper girdles is. Here we will tell you a little about the types of closures.

guitar body sashes

A Colombian guitar body girdle allows you to adjust the compression thanks to the three levels of hooks it has. This is very useful, since when it comes to reducing measurements you should not immediately change the girdle, since it offers you three sizes in the same garment. Make sure the snaps are quality so that they do not come loose when adjusting your compression garment. Among the benefits of guitar body sashes are the following:

1. They help shape the figure

A guitar body girdle helps to show off a stylized and slender figure, as it flattens the abdomen, reduces centimeters from the waist and hides the extra fat that is in other areas of the body to make you look much more beautiful.

2. They allow you to adjust the compression

Snaps allow compression to be adjusted to the level desired or required, such as in our hourglass waistband . This offers you greater control of the abdomen and more security, since this closing mechanism guarantees that the garment will not become unfit. In addition, the girdle adapts when measurements are reduced to continue using it without having to replace it with a smaller one immediately.

3. They offer abdominal support

Guitar body shapers can provide abdominal support, which is helpful in reducing back pain and improving posture.

Zipper girdles

For its part, a sash with a zipper or side zipper can be put on more quickly because it does not have to be fastened. In addition, it does not usually mark on clothing. However, if you have a considerable decrease in measurements, the garment will be loose and you will have the possibility of changing or reducing it, as appropriate.

Snaps and zipper closure sashes

Taking into account the characteristics of the previous closures, an option that is also functional is to use clasp straps and a zipper closure . This combination has become popular and has been well received for its benefits, among which the following stand out:

1. They are not marked

If you want a garment that shapes your body, but is not noticeable under tight clothing, shapewear that has internal snaps and a side zipper are what you need. The abdomen control girdle is one of our models with these characteristics. In addition to reducing measurements and giving you a molded silhouette, it enhances your buttocks naturally so you look more beautiful.

2. They facilitate postoperative recovery

After cosmetic surgery, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck, surgeons recommend wearing compression garments to facilitate recovery. Girdles with closure and clasp are very useful for this, as they provide compression to keep the skin in place and reduce inflammation, in addition to protecting the operated area. However, the type of girdle that should be used will depend on the health professional's instructions, since sometimes they do not recommend girdles with clasps because they can leave marks on the skin.

3. They increase confidence

Many people may feel more confident wearing a double-closure girdle, as it conceals certain areas of the body that may be of concern. By looking better, confidence increases, since appearance influences self-esteem.

Now that you know the characteristics and advantages of guitar body girdles and other types of closure, do not hesitate to use the ones that best suit you and start showing off the figure you want. Meet the new hourglass waist girdle , which is part of our Luxury Queen collection, a garment that will make you look like a queen, providing you with comfort, a molded silhouette and gold-plated brooches for added luxury.

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