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Article: My ideal girdle according to my body type

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My ideal girdle according to my body type

All women have different bodies and that will depend on which girdle we should use, be it a butt lifter , a waistband or a short girdle among thousands of options. It is important to recognize this so that our process with girdles is the most satisfactory possible.

All bodies are unique and they all work in a different way. Your metabolism, the development of your bones and muscles, all of this causes your physical appearance to vary. We are also idealized to different types of beauty stereotypes, but we must always keep in mind that these patterns are not suitable for all women, because we all have a different development.

There are multiple body types depending on the person's silhouette, experts have cataloged these body types and the idea is for you to recognize what type of body you have so that you can buy the girdle that will best benefit you.

women's body types

Apple or oval

Women who have an apple-type body are characterized by a voluminous central part of the body, with the belly or waist forming the widest part of the body. These people have thin arms and legs, but the shoulders and especially the hips tend to be rounded areas and their waist is poorly defined. At the same time, women with this body tend to have a large bust.

Some of the ideal shapewear for this body type are:

  • High compression waistbands to shape and mark the waist, like our reference S-005 from Forma Tu Cuerpo.
  • Short or mid-leg shapewear with buttock lift. It is recommended with central brooches to further highlight the waist if this is your goal.
  • Shapewear with straps to guarantee a natural enhancement of the bust.

Pear or triangle

The pear or triangular body is characterized by having the hips wider than the shoulders. In this style of figure, women usually have a defined waist which makes the silhouette look much more feminine.

Additionally, people with this body type tend to have a smaller or smaller bust. That is why it is the part that you have to pay attention to when using a girdle to highlight it a little more.

Some of the most recommended girdles for this body are:

  • Butt lifter shapewear (References High-waisted shorts O-077 and our butt lifter shorts O-042) with high compression in the buttocks and legs.
  • Panty control buttocks and waist marking.

All of the above in order to maintain the enhancement in the most prominent area of ​​your body. Additionally:

  • Bra girdle , to enhance the bust by at least 2 sizes and obtain a curvier and more molded body.

inverted triangle

The figure in the shape of an inverted triangle is characterized by being wide in the shoulder area and narrow below the waist. These women tend to have a large bust and long, thin legs.

For this body type, you should wear clothes that enhance your hips and buttocks since they are the narrowest parts of your body. The most suitable girdles for this body type are:

  • Full body shapewear , to accentuate the entire body, waist and buttocks.
  • Short shapewear
  • Shapewear lifts tail.


A square or body type is characterized by having slightly pronounced curves, a straight silhouette, shoulders of similar width to the hips and a small waist. All women with this type of silhouette are looking to add a little curves to their body. If you have this type of body you have multiple possibilities to wear clothes that enhance your attributes.

  • Hourglass shapewear to enhance the bust, buttocks and define the waist.
  • Waistbands to shape and accentuate the waist.
  • Full body girdle
  • Knee-length girdles that control your buttocks and legs.


This is undoubtedly the most privileged body of all since it is characterized by having a defined waist, shoulders, hips and bust of the same width. The hips, thighs, belly and tail are plump and rounded. The bust tends to be large, the legs are slender and proportionally thin at the bottom. The arms are medium but quite fleshy at the top.

For this type of body, the ideal girdle is the following:

  • Hourglass shapewear to continue accentuating the figure and shaping it.
  • Waist girdles to further define the waist and show off curves.
  • Fajas raises the tail to highlight this part of the body.

It is important that you take measurements of your body and that you can identify your body type and, according to the instructions we gave you previously, choose the girdle that best suits your tights and your goals.

Don't be afraid! All bodies are unique and beautiful. At Forma Tu Cuerpo we want to be the best ally so that you feel safe, slim and shaped. Shape Your Body has a girdle for all body types.

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