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Article: 4 tips for wearing shaping bras

4 tips para usar brasieres moldeadores

4 tips for wearing shaping bras

Did you know that a perfect accomplice for your recovery is the bra girdle that will help you have the results you want so much and will take care of your surgical intervention. Girdles with a bra included prevent damage that the use of too tight blinders can cause for the development of bacterial and fungal infections.

All girls dream of having firm and spectacular breasts to be able to show off all those clothes and blouses with low necklines that are on the market. For this reason, we usually undergo surgeries to increase our size and have firm boobs that allow us to increase our self-esteem and feel confident in ourselves.

Colombian girdles with bra included are characterized by having great comfort that provides security in your recovery and rest during daily use and at night.

Everyone straps differently, so the trick is to figure out what's safest and best for you. Here we present some tips for using this type of shapewear bras :

1. Regulate the wrapping time:

We recommend that if you have had breast surgery, do not wear the bra shapewear for more than 8 to 12 hours at a time, to avoid experiencing negative side effects, as this can affect the elasticity of your skin and have surgical impacts. Likewise, schedule days off so that you have an excellent recovery from your operation.

2. Get the right fit:

Make sure you buy one of our Colombian girdles and bras that fit correctly and have the perfect sizes for your body, in order to avoid pain, trauma or breathing problems. Remember that humid, humid and sweaty skin conditions provide the perfect environment for rashes and fungal infections, so you should always wear one or two sizes larger than your bra size to avoid these types of problems.

3. Use the right belt to exercise

The posture corrector bra will allow you to perform all the movements you need to exercise and will generate the effects you need for your recovery.

4. Listen to your body:

If you feel any type of pain or have difficulty breathing, it is time to use a bra in a larger size, in order to avoid post-surgical discomfort.

It is very important that you listen and know what your body needs, so that you choose the best Colombian fajas bra .

Benefits of a posture correcting bra

In recent months, so-called 'posture correctors' have become fashionable, a type of bra that helps us maintain an adequate and upright posture while we are doing activities or simply sitting in an armchair, with the purpose of avoiding bad posture. accommodations that cause neck or back discomfort.

These types of girdles help us reduce slouching, keep the back straight, strengthen the muscles, have an aligned spine, and thus avoid discomfort generated by bad posture such as cervical or lumbar pain. Below we present the advantages that using a magic control black can bring you:

1. Avoid injuries during exercises

If we wear this type of Colombian fajas bra while doing some type of sport, we will adopt a proper back position and keep the clavicle aligned with the shoulders. In this way, we will avoid the appearance of injuries or tensions when we are lifting weight.

2. Helps prevent back pain

The use of a wide girdle bra reminds us of the proper posture and in this way, it will prevent us from placing our shoulders forward and adopting a “hunchback” posture. A curious fact that you should know is that doctors often recommend the use of this corrector in patients with Scoliosis, as a complement to their recovery therapy.

3. Promotes physical resistance

This type of bra helps us breathe correctly during the activities we do, so it will help us improve our physical resistance and have the results we have always expected.

Do not forget that the constant use of this type of bra will improve our body memory, at the same time as it will strengthen our muscles, so that correct alignment will be maintained little by little.

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