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Article: Sashes for wedding dress: Wedding Special

fajas para vestido de novia

Sashes for wedding dress: Wedding Special

A wedding brings with it a set of activities and details that every woman is focused on, seeking to make them perfect, such as her dress, its accompaniments such as: crowns or headbands, bodysuits, sashes for a wedding dress , the makeup, shoes, among others.

Sashes for wedding dresses have become an essential part of a wedding's outfit since they harmoniously complement the fiancé's figure because it enhances it. It also contributes emotionally to the woman, since she will feel safe, confident and beautiful all the time.

And without a doubt, thinking that this day is one of the most special for a woman, we want this long-awaited moment for many to be full of tranquility.

The best sashes for your wedding day

Short type girdle

This short-type girdle is designed with 3 types of different fabrics to shape, highlight and provide comfort, it fits perfectly with all types of wedding dresses, especially those with very low-cut or strapless. This short girdle, being high-waisted, covers your lower abdomen, so you can be calm and show off perfect curves. Additionally, if your wedding dress is tight to the body, the advantage of these shorts is that they enhance your buttocks.

waist trainer girdle

This sash is ideal for princess cut dresses or mermaid or trumpet style dresses, since they are focused on your waist. Since this girdle is a trainer, you can start using it a few weeks before your wedding, so that your waist is molded and your bust and hips are enhanced.

Short strapless girdle

This full-body girdle shapes your waist, legs and buttocks. The central snaps are designed to adjust the girdle to your body since if you continue wearing it, you will reduce your waist measurements and continue to look slim. This sash is ideal for strapless dresses since you can remove the straps.

Girdle Panty bodysuit

This sash fits perfectly into princess-style or even strapless dresses since you can remove the straps. Since this girdle has a short panty, you can use it in short style dresses or in dresses with wide skirts. This girdle has a side closure with internal snaps to prevent it from marking on clothing, double abdominal reinforcement, super buttock enhancement and elastic lace on the legs that helps it not ride up and prevents it from being noticeable on clothing.


Corsets have become a very popular garment recently due to the compression they provide in the waist area and the hourglass shape they give to the body. You can use it in all wedding dresses except those with pronounced necklines or open backs. It will highlight your waist, bust and hips. Additionally, it improves your posture due to the compression it performs on the waist, this will be ideal to dazzle all the guests on your wedding day and look beautiful.

Tips for your weeding day

  1. Arrive well rested: Let's think about the moment that all of you will live: I'm referring to the moment you wake up and think: “I'm getting married today!” To enjoy the wedding to the fullest, it is important that they rest well, practice relaxation techniques, do not stay up late and, of course, do not arrive at the wedding with an empty stomach (since a hungry bride will not be able to have as much fun). This advice also includes future brides and grooms.

  2. Do things ahead of time: Brides should enjoy the entire day of their wedding, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, and not just the event itself. To start that day on the right foot, it is important that both couples get ready in time to avoid setbacks and rush, which will generate stress and a bad mood. You can accompany the moment with a playlist of songs that distract you from your nerves, make it a few days before the wedding!

  3. Prepare your “survival kit” for your girlfriend: Since prevention is better than cure, we advise you to prepare a bag with some things that can “save your life” on day B and that you will have to entrust to a family member or close friend. This task will occupy you and relax you. Inside this "survival kit" you cannot miss tissues, makeup, wipes, plasters, deodorant, safety pins, perfume, flat wedding shoes and anything that can make you feel calmer.

  4. Don't forget the important thing: Last but not least, don't forget to enjoy your partner. It is a day in which you have declared eternal love and it is a celebration of love. Accompany it, feel it but above all, enjoy it.

It should be noted that all these Shape Your Body girdles have high quality materials and technology since their intelligent fabrics contain elements of nature that remineralize, rebalance, rehydrate and repair the skin, creating a feeling of softness.

Weddings have always been a milestone for many couples, as they confirm their love and commit to being with each other forever, so we want to help you have an unforgettable day. Furthermore, the general advantage of all shapewear is that you can keep them, to continue styling your body!

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