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Article: Postoperative Colombian girdles, for daily use too!

Fajas colombianas postoperatorias, ¡para uso diario también!

Postoperative Colombian girdles, for daily use too!

Colombian Girdles Shape Your Body

At Forma Tu Cuerpo Colombian girdles we always think about results, tastes and, above all, comfort, as well as finding a product for every need. In one of my talks with some plastic surgeons and their patients we came to the conclusion that the first days of any surgical procedure would not be easy and that the emotional burden would also be a factor that would help their recovery and that was how it was a year ago. Our first stage postoperative girdle was born , and surprisingly they become the number one choice of Colombian girdles for patients who have just undergone a surgical procedure.

Here you can see a little more about the importance of Colombian Shape Your Body girdles in plastic surgery:

If you ever felt that sleeping with your high compression girdle was torture, forget the past and add a first-stage postoperative girdle to your closet , forget the sleepless nights, the heat and enjoy the comfort and technology that this garment provides you. .

On this occasion we can clearly see how the need to fulfill a desire arises from a purchasing decision.

I will tell you a true story of a woman who came to our store, and how I felt identified with what we often want and what we need; That's when I realized that my new post-surgical belt design is not only designed for post-surgical patients.

One morning, María, a woman of approximately 41 years old, comes in and says: “I have come to get help. I just left an appointment with the anesthesiologist and he told me that for safety reasons I cannot have the liposuction that I had so longed for, since that I suffer from high blood pressure and could die. But I also don't want to have that chubby figure visible anymore, and the worst thing is I don't like to feel my clothes are too tight since I can't resist them and I suffer from a lot of heat.”

All the features that our client mentioned reminded me of the importance of having a product like a postoperative girdle , functional for everyday use, with medium compression, softness and designed to provide total comfort, and that adapts to any climate and how it has happened on other occasions I found my own answer when advising our clients: how I feel, how I want to look and how I see myself. It was very exciting for me to see that woman say thank you and smile, knowing that she could wear a Colombian girdle regardless of her situation.

On top of that, in just 2 minutes!

I invite you to learn more about our exclusive line of postoperative girdles , ideal for rest and tranquility, for post-surgical use, postpartum, daily use, perfect for hot climates and low compression, just live your own experience.

I wish you a best day,

Rocio Vega

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