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Article: Fashionable costumes: 7 ideas to make you stand out on Halloween


Fashionable costumes: 7 ideas to make you stand out on Halloween

Autumn takes over the country, and with it comes one of the most anticipated festivities for adults and children: Halloween. This party has evolved and adapted to modern culture, becoming a phenomenon full of color, creativity and, of course, fashionable costumes . If there is something that distinguishes Halloween, it is precisely dressing up in a costume and assuming a different character or concept for one night.

From fairy tale characters to the most feared monsters, the tradition of the Halloween costume is already part of American culture. Every year, as the leaves change color and the air becomes fresh, stores and homes are filled with costume options and proposals that reflect the trends and tastes of the moment.

So that choosing what to wear is not a headache, in this blog we share some fashionable costume options that will make you look great on Halloween or at any costume party.

1. Protagonists of streaming series

Streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Disney+, have transformed the way we consume content. It is increasingly common to see children and adults dressed as their favorite characters from these platforms. Series that have been global phenomena in the last year, such as Wednesday and its main character, Merlina, will surely have a notable representation in the streets and parties this year.

2. Pop culture icons

Every year, there are musical phenomena, actors or influencers who set trends. It's not uncommon to see groups of friends coordinating their fashion costume to represent a popular band, and it's also common to see iconic looks from pop celebrities. So if you want to look like your favorite artist, this is the perfect opportunity to show off their outfit and feel like a star.

3. Video game characters

Video games are not far behind. With the growing popularity of online games and the rise of eSports, video game characters like "Fortnite", "Among Us", or "Valorant" are recurring. Another of the fashionable costumes , which is also a classic, is Super Mario. The movie that was released this year of this popular video game will undoubtedly add fans who will want to look like the characters. You can consider this option with which you will not go unnoticed.

4. Classics reinvented

At Halloween, old favorite costumes like witches, vampires and zombies get a modern twist. Vampires adopt styles inspired by recent sagas, witches look from gothic to bohemian, and zombies sometimes adopt humorous touches from movies like "Zombieland" or series like "The Walking Dead." The classics never die, but they do adapt and evolve with the times, showing that tradition and modernity can go hand in hand on this holiday to achieve a perfect Halloween costume .

5. Barbie costume

barbie costume

With the release of the new Barbie movie this year, the iconic doll character has come to life in an unexpected and modern way. It's no longer just the blonde with princess outfits or traditional professions; The new Barbie brings with it contemporary styles, reflecting the diversity and strength of today's woman. So a good fashion costume can be inspired by Barbie, combining classic elements with modern touches.

To highlight your figure and look regal, wear an hourglass girdle from the Luxury Queen line. This way you will have a molded body, enhanced buttocks and you will look even more beautiful with your Barbie outfit.

6. Sexy cowgirl

cowgirl costume

This outfit consists of a hat, boots, a long-sleeved shirt and shorts. Consider wearing our butt lifter shorts to highlight your buttocks and show off slender legs. A confident attitude is essential to stand out with this costume.

7. Catrina

catrina costume

Catrina's outfit reflects the sophistication and enigma of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Thanks to its decorations and detailed makeup, it makes you a symbol of this celebration, uniting grace with the intangible. Dare to embody this tradition and surprise with a memorable outfit this Halloween. You will need a white dress, a floral hair ornament and an hourglass waistband from the Luxury Queen collection.

You can also combine fashionable costumes with our dress sashes , choosing the design that best suits the costume you want so that, in addition to standing out for your wardrobe, you stand out for your attributes and feel more confident.

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