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Article: What are the best invisible shapewear?

las mejores fajas invisibles

What are the best invisible shapewear?

Among the most common concerns when dressing for a special occasion or simply to look pretty on a regular day, is how we can wear a girdle and not be noticed without depending on the type of clothing we want to wear, while we try to show a more body. molded. The solution is none other than the best invisible girdles that will help make those fat ones "invisible" and highlight your figure. Shapewear is available for all types of clothing, designed specifically for this type of use, because in addition to keeping you comfortable (even if you are not used to wearing them), they help hide fat and look much slimmer.

Colombian, shaping and reducing girdles to use with all types of outfits

Short strapless girdle :

Perfect for skirts or knee-length pants, this is a shapewear that corrects and lifts your buttocks and thighs.

It has a silicone coating on both contours (chest and center of the legs), so it stays close to the skin and inside it is lined with a comfortable Lycra, so the only risk you run is not feeling it. It is high compression, which will keep everything in place.

A daring bodysuit or girdle to make your lingerie "invisible":

If you like to wear miniskirts or look much sexier, this daring Sensual Bodysuit, Unnoticeable Ref. A-020, is perfect for them, since it has a lycra on the inside that generates medium compression and on the outside is a lace lace that will not cause discomfort, but also helps highlight the abdomen and waist area. The interior is lined with soft-touch Lycra, meaning you'll always feel comfortable and be sure everything stays in its place.

It is designed to be an outer garment, that is, it compresses the abdomen but can be combined with different outfits, while you will see how you feel completely safe walking and with a very good posture. It has silicone trim on both contours (chest and center of the legs).

Hourglass Waist Cincher:

It is a girdle that will make your body look like an hourglass since it accentuates your waist very well and if you wear it a lot it can slip.

Also known as the Colombian abdomen control girdle Ref. O-011, designed for large buttocks, it acts on the buttocks and thighs, preventing the formation of fat lines that damage our clothes. Once you put it on, you can forget about asking your friends if they can see your panties, since it leaves the intimate area completely smooth and firmer than ever and the best thing about this type of girdle is that you don't have to wear underwear if You don't want it since it has a protective zone that acts like underwear.

Now let's talk about the waist girdle.

Although it is not a garment that perfectly conceals underwear, it is invisible from the outside, and one of its most important advantages is that it reduces the waist and belly, since with proper use and the appropriate size, sizes can be reduced.

By the way, in this article we guide you on how to choose the perfect girdle. Whether you're looking for a shapewear to cover your underwear, stay in shape, or reveal a flat stomach, the first thing you should evaluate when trying on a shapewear is how it feels and how well it works.

If we talk about Colombian girdles and prices, we must remember that although this type of clothing has many advantages, in terms of aesthetics and function there is an essential attribute in the type you choose, and that is comfort. The price of clothing that controls maximum comfort varies between styles.

So, one tip that will make a difference is that you should focus on buying a shapewear that flatters you, but does not sacrifice comfort so that you can wear it long term. Every woman uses control clothing for different purposes. Why do you need a Colombian girdle after childbirth or surgery, or a girdle to lose weight or train; The common advantage of shapewear is that they directly affect the health and comfort that we experience when trying on clothes that fit in our closets. Thus, in addition to helping you show off your figure, this outfit is also an ally that positively affects your self-esteem, and will become a girdle that helps make your underwear "invisible."

One of the qualities of invisible girdles is that they do not mark, so we recommend them for long dresses, another quality is that they are not noticeable and do not mark, the seams are internal and have a natural lift, for example and finally the panty. smooth bodysuit, strapless Ref. C-041, you can remove the straps and wear it with t-shirts where you can show your shoulders.

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