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Article: What are the best-selling girdles?


What are the best-selling girdles?

Fashion and well-being have found in shapewear an unmatched ally to enhance natural beauty and provide confidence in any situation. In this blog, we will describe the girdles preferred by the public, those that have become the best-selling girdles on the market. Forma Tu Cuerpo has understood that each person has a different need and, therefore, offers a range of products that are distinguished by their quality and functionality. From shapewear to those specialized in providing post-operative support, there is a perfect solution for everyone.

So if you want to know which are the best-selling Colombian girdles , below , we present a list of the favorites of our clientele, those that have conquered hearts and silhouettes around the world.

Hourglass Girdle

Inspired by the classic silhouette that highlights the waist, the hourglass girdle is one of the best-selling girdles for its ability to define the torso and accentuate the body's natural curves. Its design helps to visually reduce the waist and enhance the figure, providing a sculpted and stylized appearance. This garment also enhances the buttocks and has three lines of clasps so you can adjust the size when you reduce measurements.

push up bra

The push up bra is not simply an undergarment; It has positioned itself as one of the best-selling garments due to its double function. On the one hand, it offers the necessary support for those with large busts, providing comfort and softness to prevent back pain. On the other hand, it lifts and enhances the breasts, giving a more voluptuous, natural and firm appearance. Thanks to its fabrics and design, this bra also has girdle benefits, as it hides the fat on your back and armpits to give you a more harmonious appearance without showing on your clothes.

Hourglass waistband

The hourglass waistband is another of the best-selling and most popular girdles . It focuses on the waist and abdomen area. It is ideal for those looking to define this area without the full coverage of a full girdle and have wide hips. Its design allows it to be worn discreetly under any type of clothing and its clasps offer a perfect fit according to the size you want.

Short type girdle

Another of the best-selling Colombian girdles is the short girdle . Versatility is the key word for this garment. Designed to be used with any wardrobe, this girdle enhances the buttocks and stylizes the legs to make you look slim. It also shapes the lower abdomen and offers comfort and discretion with each use. So the short girdle guarantees that your silhouette will look stylized, regardless of the type of clothing you wear.

Luxury Queen Shapewear

The Luxury Queen line of girdles is also in our top of the best-selling girdles because they are garments that, in addition to shaping the figure, offer luxury and exclusivity. They make your figure stand out, as they naturally enhance the buttocks and give a very harmonious appearance by stylizing and hiding fat. They have 24k gold plated brooches, which you can adjust to change size. If you are a little more daring, you can use these shapewear as outerwear, combining them to create incredible outfits.

Postoperative girdle

The complete postoperative girdle has become one of the best-selling girdles as it is essential for those undergoing cosmetic surgeries or surgical procedures that require specific compression that helps in the recovery process. The postoperative girdle provides the necessary support, reducing inflammation and contributing to better healing.

It is important that this garment is chosen according to the compression and characteristics recommended by the doctor. For this reason, at Forma Tu Cuerpo we have a collection of post-surgical girdles , where you will find girdles suitable for each type of intervention. You can consult our advisors on the WhatsApp button to make sure which one is appropriate according to the recommendations given to you by the health professional.

Whether you're looking to highlight your curves, provide support to specific areas, or simply feel more confident in your appearance, Forma Tu Body's best-selling shapewear offers solutions for every need. With quality, functionality and a wide variety, it is no surprise that these shapewear have taken the market by storm and become a favorite of many. Dare to discover the transformative power of a good girdle!

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