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Article: Benefits of the postpartum girdle

beneficios de la faja post parto

Benefits of the postpartum girdle

Giving birth to a son or daughter is one of the most wonderful experiences, since for a woman it usually means an indescribable emotion to become a mother.

However, it is clear that the pregnancy process represents many difficulties since it is very normal for certain changes to occur at the body level, and that in most cases, some of these changes can leave consequences in the body and may take a while. several months to return to normal, some of these changes in the body may be weight gain and sagging in some parts. It is for this reason that in order to accelerate the improvement of these changes, it is important to use a postpartum girdle , which has become a fundamental piece for women who have just given birth.

Despite becoming a fundamental piece that helps in the postpartum period of women, this type of girdle has caused love and hate on the part of gynecology professionals because according to experts it has some advantages but also some drawbacks that should be taken into account. Take into account to use this garment correctly and thus really help the recovery process.

Why wear a girdle after childbirth?

It is clear that the benefits of the postpartum girdle have been growing to help women with a proper recovery after giving birth, it allows controlling certain sequelae that normally remain after childbirth. First of all, this girdle helps to greatly reduce the swelling of the body in case a cesarean section has been performed for childbirth because this garment exerts compression in the abdominal area which accelerates the reduction of inflammation, in the same way it is important for Being able to be calmer so as not to injure yourself in the part of the sutures performed in the operation and thus prevent you from suffering from infections.

Another benefit of the postpartum girdle and very important for women is the help it exerts on lymphatic drainage since it is normal for a girdle to make you sweat constantly, this allows the body to not retain an excessive amount of fluids that They can cause swelling and also ensure that the muscles in the area remain in excellent condition to speed up recovery.

And speaking of the state of the muscles in the abdominal area, these postpartum girdles also help the recovery of the internal organs that were involved in the birth process because, as mentioned above, this girdle exerts moderate pressure that helps some Organs such as the uterus and ovaries can recover and return to their original position after having undergone a major change.

Last but not least, the correction of posture is another of the benefits of the postpartum girdle since it is normal that after 9 months with extra weight on the body, the back suffers some changes and is resentful of the effort it takes. toward. That is why the use of this type of girdle allows not only to relieve the pain that can be felt in the back, but also over time allows a considerable improvement in posture.

How long should I use it?

The benefits of the postpartum girdle that were mentioned above are only possible if this garment is used in the correct way, since it is normal that sometimes, in the desire to reduce the consequences that childbirth can leave, one begins to use the postpartum girdle. without the basic recommendations of an expert or a gynecologist.

It is recommended that the postpartum girdle not be used immediately after the procedure, you should wait a reasonable amount of time, either a few days before becoming disabled, since during this time, in a natural and physiological way, the muscles and organs that were seen Those affected during childbirth usually settle into a more normal position, although it will not be the appropriate position.

Despite having a variety of benefits, it should also be taken into account that excessive use of this garment can also cause some damage that can complicate the health of the woman who uses it. Constant use of the postpartum girdle beyond the estimated time leads to damage to the muscles in the affected area since it prevents them from working on their own and naturally, thus delaying recovery.

It is also worth clarifying that the sole use of this girdle does not ensure the recovery of the body figure since the postpartum girdle and its correct use must come hand in hand with adopting healthy habits such as correct exercise after childbirth and a diet. balanced that experts provide for these cases because these recommendations can help reduce sizes and strengthen the muscles in the abdominal area.

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