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Article: Accessories for adequate postoperative recovery

recuperacion postoperatoria

Accessories for adequate postoperative recovery

If you are about to undergo aesthetic or plastic surgery, you should know that the postoperative recovery stage is vital to guarantee the success of your results and your health. There are accessories that will make you feel more comfortable and that will help you have a safer and faster recovery. It is important that you know them so that your time at home after surgery is more pleasant.

Post-surgical girdles

When undergoing plastic or aesthetic surgery, such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or BBL, your surgeon will recommend that you wear post-surgical girdles for a certain period of time. You may even be advised to wear them even to sleep in the first weeks, since these garments offer the necessary compression to keep the operated area protected. In addition, the use of girdles will help you have a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Post-surgical bra

If your post-surgical recovery is due to breast surgery, it is important that you wear a girdle bra to provide the support and protection you need after the surgical procedure, whether it is a breast increase or reduction. This garment reduces pain and prevents the appearance of bruises. In addition, it will make you feel more comfortable during recovery, since it is made with soft materials.

Your doctor may also recommend wearing a post-operative band over your bra, in the case of implants, so that they remain in the proper position while your post-operative recovery is completed.

Postoperative foam

Another accessory that will complement your recovery process is post-surgical foam . This is used under the belt and helps to protect the wounds more. Likewise, it prevents the appearance of folds due to constant use of the girdle and is very useful for gluing the skin after liposuction or abdominoplasty. The foam will give you comfort and softness, since it is internally padded. You can adjust it with its velcros to obtain the compression you need.

urinary device

Among the postoperative care that you should have in the first weeks is wearing girdles day and night. This may seem uncomfortable if you think about going to the bathroom, since you would have to take the binder on and off frequently, which could hurt your wounds. Fortunately, the Forma Tu Body post-surgical girdles have a perineal opening with snaps or zippers so you can go to the bathroom without removing it or having accidents.

However, sitting at this time may be painful or uncomfortable, especially if you had buttock surgery. To do this, the urinary device will be your best ally in postoperative recovery , since it adapts to your intimate area so that you do not have to strain when you go to the bathroom.

Buttock cushion

If your cosmetic surgery was a butt augmentation, such as lipotransfer or implants, it is recommended that you do not rest the operated area on hard surfaces. Therefore, a buttock cushion is ideal to provide you with the comfort you require, as it is made with soft materials so that you do not hurt your buttocks when sitting. However, don't forget to follow your surgeon's instructions about how long you can sit and how you should do it.

Now that you know the postoperative items that can make your postoperative recovery stage more pleasant and shorter, do not hesitate to purchase in advance what you need for your surgical intervention, according to the surgeon's recommendations. Remember to prepare in advance so that you are more than ready when it comes to making that physical change you want.

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