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Article: 6 items that cannot be missing in your closet

6 prendas que no pueden faltar en tu closet

6 items that cannot be missing in your closet

Not every time we will have the opportunity to have a superstar closet, that is why you can arm yourself with the best clothes. Good jeans, shapewear or leggings are some of the clothes that experts recommend that you have in your closet so that you can have outfits for all occasions.

For us at Forma Tu Cuerpo, fashion is not just the dazzling clothes that we can see in every window of every clothing store that we see in a shopping center. Fashion is not just for those people who work in this medium as models or designers. Fashion has become a lifestyle for many people since it offers us the freedom to express ourselves through the clothes we wear and develop our “visual personality.”

On the other hand, fashion is also related to expensive clothing items that are out of reach of many people and it is quite the opposite, because fashion can be made with many items of clothing and is a subject that is as subjective as it is free. That is why we want to tell you which are those garments that cannot be missing in your closet, that are totally accessible to anyone and with which you will look dazzling wherever you go.


Jeans, as they are known in English, are pants made of denim or denim fabric, usually in blue tones. It is one of the most popular garments worldwide and its use is so versatile that you can wear it from a casual look to a formal look.

For example, combined with a blouse and tennis shoes it forms the perfect outfit for outings with friends and outdoors. On the other hand, if you wear it with heels and a blazer you will get an outfit for a formal and elegant event. Jeans can be worn with many styles of shoes, blouses and jackets, this will make your closet look like the biggest one of all.

In the market we will find normal jeans or jeans with extra aids, such as our enhanced jeans, to show off magnificent buttocks. Remember that our jeans are 100% manufactured by Colombian hands and their details are state-of-the-art to enhance the buttocks and shape the lower abdomen of the people who use them.

Basic T-shirts

Blouses like jeans are multipurpose garments. Blouses can be made in multiple materials and colors. It is enough to have one white or black and some color so you can make an infinite number of outfits. In addition to that, you can wear it with jeans, leggings, skirts or shorts, they are a perfect, comfortable and economical accessory.

Regarding the mode of use, it can be inside or outside the pants. You can also wear larger size t-shirts so you can show off an oversized look like the ones that are in fashion.


Another garment with very varied uses and very comfortable. The leggings are made of a nylon-lycra mix, this makes them elastic and adjusts to your body. You can use them to exercise. Combine them with tennis shoes or heels and create casual or elegant outfits.

They also have improved versions like ours. In Shape Your Body our leggings are designed with control of the legs, buttocks and lower abdomen so that you have a molded and stylized body, that is, they have a double layer of fabric, one is the outer one shown and the inner part has a fabric intelligent that takes care of your skin.


If you want to give a fresh and sexy touch to your daily looks, a skirt may be your best option. The skirt, compared to jeans or leggings, can be made in different materials. The advantage of this is that depending on the material, you can play with your outfit and vary it so that they are all different and fit the occasion.

The skirt, due to its history, is a slightly more elegant garment, but over the years, it has become customary to wear it with different accompaniments, heels, tennis shoes or boots and t-shirts or blouses with different colors and designs.

For the months where it is a little warmer, this garment is super useful since you will have your legs bare all day, but for the colder months, you can wear them with wool tights, and without losing your chic touch!


Many people think that a blazer is a garment that can be worn exclusively on cold days and quite the opposite, thanks to advances in fashion, nowadays a blazer can even be worn as a dress. You can combine it with everything, t-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, casual pants, jeans, leggings, boots, heels or sneakers.

A blazer looks like a jacket but with a more casual cut, and it also has accessories such as pockets and buttons. It can be made of different materials such as: wool, velvet, cotton, denim, linen and in almost any style and color, plain or printed.

You can use it on any occasion, whether formal or informal, you will always look elegant and stand out from others.

Body shaper

Why is a shapewear girdle an essential garment? For us it is a bonus, since a girdle complements all the outfits that you can make with the garments that we mentioned above.

A shaping girdle has multiple benefits such as:

  • They stylize your figure
  • They improve your posture
  • They are discreet
  • They are comfortable
  • They flatten your abdomen
  • Enhance your glutes
  • You reduce your weight (accompanied by good nutrition and exercise)

If you can figure it out with the garments we mention, you will have the opportunity to create multiple looks for any occasion. You will look fresh and stylish. Don't be afraid to develop your personality and dress how you want and in a quick and accessible way, with these clothes fashion will not be a headache for you, ever!

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