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Article: 5 tips to increase self-esteem

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5 tips to increase self-esteem

There are many factors that can affect the image you have of yourself, the most common are the opinions of others, beauty stereotypes, weight changes and the experiences you have had to live. Therefore, today we bring you 5 tips to increase your self-esteem that will be of great help if you put them into practice.

Before starting, it is important that we are clear that self-esteem is an assessment that we make of ourselves, which is usually positive and is the product of experiences, thoughts, appreciations and self-love. However, low self-esteem is usually one of the most frequently consulted topics in psychological care, so we will give you recommendations to raise self-esteem.

stop comparing yourself

Often, a person who has low self-esteem tends to compare himself with others, looking for what he lacks in others, which makes him feel frustrated and lower his self-esteem, because he thinks that others are better than him.

You are special and unique. If you compare yourself with others you will only find differences, because each person has experienced a different process and at different paces. Among the tips to increase self-esteem is to avoid putting yourself on a scale so that you can find your own path.

treat yourself nice

Have you noticed that you feel good when someone you appreciate compliments you? Now imagine how good it would be for you to start talking nice to yourself. It is common that if you have a low self-esteem you say and think ugly things about yourself, that you believe you are incapable of doing certain activities and that you emphasize your weaknesses more than your virtues.

One of the tips to increase self-esteem is self-love, which is to humans like water to plants, so it is important that you start treating yourself with love, highlighting and recognizing your qualities and the things you do well. You can start by writing motivational phrases or compliments and paste them in a place where you can read them daily.

Accept yourself and improve

What aspects do you not like about yourself? There are some that we can change and others that we cannot, but one of the best tips to increase self-esteem is to work on your insecurities. If there is something you feel guilty about, analyze how you can change your attitudes so you don't repeat it again. Remember that you can't return the past, but you can work on yourself so you don't act like that again.

Take care of your appearance

Now, if what generates insecurities has to do with your appearance, there are two options: accept it, if it is something that cannot be changed, such as a genetic condition, or renew the way you look.

If it is related to your weight, which is something that many people are self-conscious about, not only can it be solved, but by doing so you will be able to significantly increase your self-confidence and self-love, which is essential in the recommendations to raise self-esteem .

It is known that being overweight or having love handles that appear on your body can generate insecurities, so much so that you may even have stopped wearing certain clothes that you would like because you think that they would not look good on you. However, since shapewear exists, that is no longer a problem, since these garments shape your body to highlight a slimmer figure, while hiding uncomfortable rolls and reducing measurements.

The best thing about these garments is that they are very comfortable and do not show on your clothes, so others will not notice that you are wearing one. This way you can show off that outfit in which you will look spectacular and feel very good about yourself.

Exercising is also one of the tips to increase self-esteem , first because it will help you lose weight and look better; and second because it will improve your mood. In addition, it is an excellent way to take care of yourself, increase your self-love and overcome fears. While you exercise you can also wear a sports belt , which will give you greater support so that you do not suffer injuries, while at the same time it will help you burn calories faster.

Don't give importance to destructive comments

Many times people make negative comments that can echo in your mind and make you believe them and feel bad. Remember that you cannot control what others think, say or do, but you can decide not to appropriate those external things, not internalize them because they are comments from others who have not lived your process.

Follow these tips to increase self-esteem and apply them constantly so that you begin to raise your rating. It is not something that you will achieve overnight, but if you start today you will be doing an act of love for yourself that will give you good results.

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